PansExperts has been officially engaged in 2014, with panel of 30+ experts with more than 18+ years international facilitating experience in learning and development in wide range of industries.

PansExperts’ Facilitators are practicing their expertise since more than 15+ years in Vietnam and are sincerely committed to follow our Client’s Key Expectations Indicators (KEIs) throughout the process of Project Management. Delivering the KEIs are our team goals to achieve high performance management.

PansExperts Learning and Service Quality Center. We are here to be your learning & development partner and get associated with you to partner in your Results on Expectations (ROE)

PansExperts has rich experience in different fields of Management & Performance is presented to you through various events like to Quarterly HR Events, Public Training Workshops, Internal Leadership sessions, by our Local and Foreign Facilitators.
Our Team has rich experience to design and provide training solutions to match to each size of companies in Vietnam and objectives to build a high performing organizations

We also provide In-house workshops in 4 main topics:
1. Human Resource Programs
2. Management and Leadership Programs
3. Self-effectiveness Programs
4. Sales and Marketing Programs

PansExperts Trainers have trained wide variety famous multinational companies in public & In-house programs such as: