The TRUE cost of a training event

Have you ever questioned “How much does it cost for a training event?” Of course you have.
But have your ever questioned “How much does it cost for FAILED training event?”
A failed training event does not cost you time and money, it costs you the morale of your employees, managers, leaders.
It also costs you the trust about the need of learning and development, which is dangerous in this ever changing world. When you stop learning and development, you become more and more irrelevant.
At PanExperts, QUALITY is our commitment.

Why quality matters so much in training and development?

An effective learning happens when you have:

  1. A quality TNA to explore the true learning needs of participants
  2. Quality training content, design, training workbooks and handouts for learning and practice purposes
  3. Quality trainer(s) to lead the training sessions
  4. A quality learning environment to provide a comfortable and supportive atmosphere
  5. A quality and well-designed follow-up action plan, including assignments, Q&A and coaching sessions to consolidate training effectiveness into daily practice.

At PanExperts, we invest deeply in all the 5 quality elements.

HOW we prove ourselves as a trusted partner of business and HR leaders?

1. Via our philosophy and methodology
+ 70-20-10 learning philosophy
+ Discovery and experimental learning methods
2. Via our course leaders
3. Via our team
4. Via our partners:
We have partnered with regional and global partners to provide more solutions to our customers, most notable of which are programs with world-renowned certification.
5. Via our customers:
We learn by serving customers just because helping customers solve their problems is a hard way but valuable way to keep ourselves upgrade and always relevant.

• Our lead trainers have over 18+ years experiences in training
• Our Leadership Programs are delivered by certified Trainers
• We guarantee to run the course with practical applications to match ROE
• Free 2 hours follow up sessions for each in-house course
• Consistent & Constant customer care