Employee Mediator

  • Managing competing personalities in the organization
  • Managing conflict between employees
  • Managing conflict between managers
  • Responding to organizational changes
  • Resolving political problems in the execution of business plans

Strategic Partner

  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Refocusing organizational structure on strategic objectives
  • Understanding how HRBPs can support the business
  • Understanding the talent needs of the business
  • Adjusting HR strategies to respond to changing business needs
  • Prioritizing across HR needs
  • Identifying talent issues before they impact the business
  • Identifying new business strategies
  • Identifying critical HR metrics
  • Creating a vision for talent strategy in the business unit
  • Assessing the HR implications of strategic options
  • Representing the business unit’s talent interests within the organization

Operation Manager

  • Communicating organizational culture to employees
  • Assessing employee attitudes
  • Tracking trends in employee behaviors
  • Designing HR programs to support organizational culture
  • Communicating policies and procedures to employees
  • Keeping the line updated on HR initiatives

Emergency Responder

  • Quickly responding to line manager questions
  • Quickly responding to complaints
  • Responding to manager needs
  • Responding to employee needs
  • Preparing for different situations